Please join John & Angela on April 25, 2015 as we celebrate our wedding in our hometown, Lafayette, Louisiana.


John's Story

John Brister grew up in Lafayette. He moved to Los Angeles at 16. He studied at UCLA. Make sure you meet some of his frat brothers during the weekend. John got into the film industry in his 20s.  He's known on IMDB for the blockbuster movie Stonerville. 

Click here to watch the trailer.

Angela's Story

Angela McCallum also grew up in Lafayette.  She went to SMU in Dallas and then spent the next 20 years moving around from country to country,  learning languages and teaching English. Look out for the people with the funny accents and ask them where they met Angela. Incidentally, she, too, is known on IMDB for Stonerville. 

Our Relationship

We went to high school together in Lafayette, but didn't reconnect until our 20th reunion.  John was living in L.A. & Angela in Argentina.  Eventually, John moved to Buenos Aires, learned some Spanish & became a chili cook-off champion. In 2013, we moved to New Orleans with our 4 cats. John proposed on our balcony in the French Quarter with the help of Felipe who wore the Mardi Gras beads the ring dangled off of.