South Louisiana is known as the Sportsman's Paradise. The swamps are stunning and April is a great time to visit because it won't be too hot yet. 

If you are planning an extended trip, Angela will be happy to help you put together an itinerary and lists of great places to eat. 



Avery Island

A salt island and beautiful nature preserve and bird sanctuary, Avery Island is about a 45-minute drive from Lafayette. This is the home of Tabasco. The founder established it as a nature preserve in the early 1900s and the McIlhenny Family still lives here. Along the route, other places worth visiting are St. Martinville, New Iberia and Jefferson Island.

Swamp Tours

Between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge, a charming little town with great food, are two good spots for getting a taste of South Louisiana's swamps, Lake Martin and Cypress Island. But if you want the real deal,  the massive Atchafalaya Basin is it. 

The Lafayette Travel page has a short listing of some great swamp tour operators

And for fans of the History Channel's "Swamp People" here are five ideas you'll love. 



There are tons of other activities and we've created a section below  just for food and another for New Orleans. 

Consider going fishing. Take a bike tour. Visit a plantation or the African American Heritage Trail. Tour Louisiana breweries

Take the Creole Country Scenic Route or simply pop in to some cute little towns: Grand Coteau, Washington, Abbeville, and Breaux Bridge.